Summarised remuneration report

This is a summarised version of the Remuneration Committee's Remuneration Report of the Annual Financial Report 2015.


The key principles of Sibanye's remuneration policy are to:

  • support the execution of the Group's business strategy;
  • provide competitive rewards to attract, motivate and retain highly skilled executives and staff;
  • motivate and reinforce individual, team and business performance; and
  • ensure Sibanye's remuneration arrangements are reasonably equitable and facilitate the deployment of people across the Group's operations.

The reward strategy is also underpinned by sound remuneration management and governance principles which are promoted across Sibanye in order to ensure the consistent application of the strategy and its policies. The Group's reward strategy includes the following elements:

  • guaranteed remuneration;
  • benefits;
  • cash bonus and bonus shares (short-term incentives); and
  • performance shares (long-term incentives).


Sibanye's remuneration model and practices are aimed at attracting and retaining motivated, high-calibre employees and aligning their interests with the shareholders. Such alignment is achieved through an appropriate mix of guaranteed and performance-based remuneration (variable pay), which provides for differentiation between high, average and low performers. The mix of guaranteed pay and variable pay differs according to the level of the employee within the Group. Typically, more senior employees’ remuneration will consist of a higher portion of variable pay as a percentage of their total remuneration.

The following remuneration mix for the period under review was approved by the Remuneration Committee.

Role Total Guaranteed pay Cash bonus Bonus shares Performance shares


Sibanye endeavours to reward its people fairly and consistently according to their role and individual contribution to the Group. To achieve reasonable external parity and a competitive total remuneration position, Sibanye surveys the relevant data on comparable pay practices regularly. The Committee also pays attention to the matter of internal parity of pay differentials across executives and role types within the Company.

The benchmark for guaranteed remuneration is the market median level per category within the relevant gold mining companies and other comparable mining companies together with consideration of internal parity comparisons.

Guaranteed remuneration levels are reviewed annually by the Remuneration Committee, taking into account the Group's performance, change in responsibility, levels of remuneration increases based on market trends and inflation. The Remuneration Committee also considers the impact of any guaranteed remuneration increase on the total remuneration package.


Executive directors are able to earn bonuses of 60% (for the CFO) and 65% (for the CEO) of their guaranteed pay for on-target performance, which is determined by a combination of Group and individual performance outcomes. The annual bonus could increase above 60% and 65% if stretch targets are achieved whereby the maximum variable pay potential is capped at two times the on-target bonus percentage.

The targets for annual bonus are set by the Remuneration Committee. In the case of the CEO and CFO, 90% of the annual bonus is based on Group objectives and the remaining 10% on individual objectives.

In 2015 annual bonuses were based on targets approved in advance by the Remuneration Committee, comprising a combination of Group and Operational objectives taking account of the Group's business plans.

The CEO and CFO were also assessed on individual objectives. These are set every year for each executive director based on key performance areas and are approved at the beginning of each year by the Remuneration Committee. The individual objectives are typically centred on three themes: Operational Excellence, Growing Sibanye and Securing Sibanye's Future.

For the year ended 31 December 2015, the Group performance measures for executive directors and senior executives were:

Corporate performance 2015 Weight % Actual Target Achieved %
Safety Reduce FIFR100.0650.090200%
  Reduce LTIFR56.745.270%
  Reduce SIFR54.683.150%
Volume Primary on-reef development (m)1019,54319,222133%
  Primary off-reef development (m)1048,58147,246157%
Cost Cost of ore milled – R/ton (underground)251,7401,771135%
Quality Grade and quality – gold produced (kg)13548,63852,00057%
  100  103%
  1. 1 The organisational performance is based on allowance for 710kg gold production at Kloof that was lost due to three fires that are considered to be events outside direct management control as well as 152kg of gold that was lost at our surface operations across Beatrix, Driefontein and Kloof due to the need to reduce electricity consumption in response to load curtailment requirements imposed by Eskom.

In turn, the CEO develops specific individual objectives with his own direct reports at the beginning of each year. These objectives are then reviewed with the Remuneration Committee and form the basis upon which the other executives’ performance, together with the Operational performance outcomes, will be reviewed at the end of the year.

Based on the bonuses determined for each executive for the year ended 31 December 2015, the annual bonus as a percentage of guaranteed pay paid to executive directors and prescribed officers of Sibanye in February 2016 was:

Name 2015 Annual incentive as percentage of guaranteed pay
Executive directors 
Neal Froneman70.8%
Charl Keyter64.1%
Prescribed officers 
Shadwick Bessit52.4%
Hartley Dikgale52.4%
Cain Farrel41.9%
Nash Lutchman52.4%
Dawie Mostert53.2%
Adam Mutshinya52.2%
Thabisile Phumo152.7%
Dick Plaistowe251.2%
Wayne Robinson52.7%
Richard Stewart53.7%
Peter Turner52.7%
Robert van Niekerk52.9%
James Wellsted52.7%
  1. 1 Appointed as a prescribed officer on 1 June 2015
  2. 2 Retired as a prescribed officer on 30 September 2015


The table below sets out the remuneration of executives and non-executive directors, and prescribed officers.


The directors and prescribed officers of Sibanye were paid the following remuneration during the year ended 31 December 2015:

  Directors’ fees (R’000) Committee fees (R’000) Salary (R’000) Annual bonus accrued for the period ended 31 December 2015 paid in 2016 (R’000) Shares proceeds and dividends on Bonus Shares (R’000) Pension scheme total contributions (R’000) Expense allowance (R’000) For the period ended 31 December 2015 (R’000) For the period ended 31 December 2014 (R’000)
Executive directors              
Neal Froneman7,1365,6606,16579313219,88612,868
Charl Keyter3,8612,8965,7365497713,1197,427
Prescribed officers         
Shadwick Bessit3,2782,0125,12257110,9836,029
Hartley Dikgale2,5691,4091,2231675,3683,926
Cain Farrel1,8159383,0784046,2353,880
Nash Lutchman2,0161,1842,8292806,3093,237
Dawie Mostert2,5011,5731,4614395,9744,170
Adam Mutshinya2,2711,3988783994,9464,570
Thabisile Phumo11,3067491331242,312
Dick Plaistowe23,0161,1238765,0152,842
Wayne Robinson3,5841,9623572776,1803,636
Marius Saaiman3824708944,130
Richard Stewart2,8761,6712963095,1523,003
Peter Turner5,2313,21217,33490826,68513,541
Robert van Niekerk3,6332,1199,58539715,7349,126
James Wellsted2,4731,5414124354,8614,282
Non-executive directors         
Robert Chan8162311,047553
Chris Chadwick8162311,047633
Timothy Cumming816413491,2781,190
Barry Davison816528431,3871,255
Richard Menell816681381,5351,351
Sello Moloko1,5441,5441,539
Nkosemntu Nika8163841,2001,115
Keith Rayner8166041,4201,253
Zola Skweyiya433093423931
Susan van der Merwe8162691,0851,054
Jerry Vilakazi8162971,1131,082
Jiyu Yuan552975604
  1. 1 Appointed as a prescribed officer on 1 June 2015
  2. 2 Retired on 30 September 2015
  3. 3 Resigned on 31 March 2015
  4. 4 Resigned as a non-executive director on 21 May 2015
  5. 5 Appointed as a non-executive director on 12 May 2015

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