Consolidated income statement

Figures in million – SA rand201520142013
Cost of sales(20,017.0)(17,566.1)(15,077.2)
Net operating profit2,700.44,214.44,254.0
Investment income257.0183.2160.3
Finance expense(561.8)(400.0)(420.3)
Share-based payments(274.4)(417.9)(305.8)
Share of results of equity-accounted investees after tax116.0(470.7)51.5
Loss on financial instruments(229.5)(107.7)(4.6)
(Loss)/gain on foreign exchange differences(359.4)(63.3)24.0
Exploration and feasibility cost(23.6)(15.1)
Other income125.7155.9219.3
Other costs(204.3)(249.9)(314.9)
Net loss on derecognition of financial guarantee asset and liability(158.3)
Reversal of impairment474.1
Profit on disposal of property, plant and equipment58.79.55.5
Loss on loss of control of subsidiary(30.2)
Transaction costs(25.7)(111.6)(9.3)
Restructuring costs(104.8)(160.3)(439.4)
Profit before royalties and taxation1,316.02,765.52,369.1
Profit before tax915.42,335.01,954.5
Mining and income tax(377.2)(828.1)(256.2)
Profit for the year538.21,506.91,698.3
Attributable to:   
Owners of Sibanye716.91,551.51,692.4
Non-controlling interests(178.7)(44.6)5.9
Earnings per share attributable to owners of Sibanye:   
Basic earnings per share – cents79186260
Diluted earnings per share – cents78182255

The Group does not have other comprehensive income, therefore no statement of comprehensive income is presented.

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